The Story of a Photographer

Just a little about myself,

I've been capturing special moments in time since 2007. I got interested in photography back in High school working with the yearbook club, did my first wedding in 2007 and was instantly inspired to be a portrait/ wedding photographer. Went to college for Graphic design/advertising to help with my knowledge of editing programs and to streamline my workflow for my photography business. Things I'm passionate about...there is a decently large list but with a family of 6 children of my own my perspective has been changing along my photography journey, for the better! Even as a professional photographer I still find myself saying "Man I wish I would've captured that one moment of my children doing something crazy" Not just for me but for them... The memory will never die in my mind but if a picture is worth a thousand words then the more I take photos the less I have to talk to explain the stories. That is my ultimate goal when I photograph a Wedding or any sort of Portrait sessions, to freeze time for a millisecond to cherish that memory for the rest of your life.

"When life gets tough and blurry, adjust your focus"